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Thank you for considering Trading Post Estate Sales for your estate liquidation and downsizing needs. My name is Doug Drew and I am the founder and CEO of this business.

Whether your situation is planned or unexpected, we understand that you need a one-stop solution to relieve some of the hassles and stresses dealing with this transition in your life or that of a relative or friend. Trading Post Estate Sales is one of the nations top resources for downsizing and estate liquidations as well as senior move management and other downsizing needs. In addition to online estate sales, Trading Post Estate Sales can coordinate special market items to be sold through auction houses, arrange tag sales and liquidations, organize, pack and move oversight to prepare homes for market, and storage locker clean-outs.

 I started Trading Post Estate Sales in 2013 once I retired from the restaurant business after more than 30 successful years. I wanted to mentor young people in the community and give them a place to work and succeed while building character and knowledge. I understand what it means to serve others and starting Trading Post Estate Sales gave me the opportunity to provide a useful service to seniors and families in our area who are facing one of life’s more challenging times. We want you to know that we are here to help.When it comes to downsizing and clutter, we know a few things about this as we live by our motto “Start with Subtraction”. We understand what you are going through as we have helped our own family and loved ones work through a number of estate sales and downsizings. The experience and understanding we bring to our clients is truly unique. Moving, downsizing, resettling and clearing out estates is always difficult, emotionally and physically, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Contact us today to see how we can make a difference for you and your family, and bring some welcome relief.  

Serving Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey,Eastern Pennsylvania and growing into new areas all the time. Trading Post Estate Sales is  the leading choice when it comes to online estate sales. 
Online estate sales have a greater rate of sale, are non invasive and provide a safe and secure environment for liquidating your possessions that a traditional sale can not provide. 
Let us help you create a customized transition plan that fits your needs!        
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I am happy to share my experience with Doug and Jeff of Trading Post Estate Sales and Downsizing. Having been the caregiver to my mother for 5 years preceding her passing, I thought I was completely familiar with the family home and possessions. How wrong I was. The task of sorting, cleaning and clearing to make way for the sale of a home that was oversized for my needs became daunting. A lifetime of collecting leaves you with very emotional decisions and tasks along the way to moving on. Both Doug and Jeff provided me with the help, knowledge and compassion I so desperately needed but was unaware of. This was a task I thought I could handle on my own, but after a year of sorting and rearranging, I found myself unable to complete the job. The dynamic due (sorry Batman and Robin), provided me with choices of how to best rid myself of the unwanted. This included both an on-line auction and using their services for the removal of the leftovers that nobody else wanted either. There were other options we discussed, but my needs required a bit of speed at this time and so we devised a game plan that was executed as explained and with very satisfactory results. I would without question recommend these fine gentlemen to help you in your time of need also even if your time is for a happier reason. They were and are professional and responsible business folks.

Josh Lamhut
North Bellmore N.Y.




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